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 Corbon |.380 Auto 90gr Hollow Point 20rd | Sd38090/20 Zoom

Corbon | .380 Auto 90gr Hollow Point 20rd | SD38090/20

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Corbon | .380 Auto 90gr Hollow Point 20rd | SD38090/20


COR®BON JHP is the original “HOT STUFF”! Back in 1982, our testing showed that most Jacked Hollow Point (JHP™) ammunition would plug up with clothing and fail to expand in soft tissue. The typical JHP™ was passing through like hardball ammo causing little damage. For this reason, the original COR®BON JHP was designed with higher velocity than our competitors.

Independent studies have shown that the rapid energy transfer from the bullets violent and immediate expansion in ballistic gelatin has given our JHP a one-shot stopping power percentage of over 90%! The rapid expansion reduces projectile over penetration. Our JHP™ typically achieves 8”-15” of penetration. COR®BON’s line of high velocity JHP™ ammunition is still PROVEN to be effective and remains #1 in STOPPING POWER!

Cor-Bon uses flash-suppressed powder along with skived bullets with scored jackets to offer high-velocity defense loads that expand quickly with high weight retention and without the fear of over-penetration. This ammunition is new production, non-corrosive, in boxer-primed, reloadable brass cases.


Ballistics Information

Muzzle Velocity: 1050 fps

Muzzle Energy: 220 ft. lbs.

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