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Booking Range Time


Members Shooting Range Reservation


Members may reserve range time up to 7 days in advance. Walk-ins are always welcome. If you would like to schedule a special event more than 7 days in advance, one that requires a specific day and time, please send that request to Customer Service. As a member of Calibers, your experience and that of your guests is extremely important to us.


There is a limit of two shooters per lane, so please schedule multiple lanes accordingly. Shooters may not use steel-core ammunition, steel shot, tracers or Muzzle Loader firearms. There is no longer a limit on the size of shot-gun loads, but they must be lead.


We encourage members to use the ON-LINE system. However, if necessary please call 505.797.9715 for assistance. If you need to, please cancel your reservation as soon as possible either on-line or by calling Calibers.


If you joined the Club online, please visit one of our retail locations to complete your membership and receive your membership packet. You will then be ready for scheduling range time. 

Member account access

Access range reservation bookings HERE



ANY problems with the on-line system please contact CUSTOMER SERVICE.


CLICK HERE to complete NON-MEMBER range waiver form.


CLICK HERE to complete MEMBER range waiver form.


NOTE: ALL Members and non-members must complete a range waiver form before booking range time.