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Meet our world class instructors!


Tony Otero - Master Instructor

Tony Otero has been a part of the calibers team for nearly a decade, and is one of our most seasoned instructors. He holds numerous firearm instructor certifications and is certified by the Department Of Public Safety as a firearms Instructor. Tony’s training is not bound solely to NM, as he has also been asked to teach at a nationally recognized firearm training facility. Tony has taught thousands of students from military and law enforcement professionals, to concerned citizens, and their families. His knowledge is not limited to only firearms and tactics; he is also very knowledgeable about firearms design and has armorer certifications for multiple weapon systems. In order to provide the most up to date and relevant information to his students, Tony stays active in the firearms community by regularly attending firearms training courses as well as local shooting competitions.

For Private Lessons with Tony Otero - Click Here


John Mallory - Master Instructor

John is one of the newest members of the Calibers’ training team. He has an extensive background in firearms instruction and numerous firearm certifications. John retired from law enforcement where he was a patrol officer, detective, and narcotics agent. He left law enforcement and continued his career path as a firearms and tactics instructor for the Department of Energy Security Operations. John also worked with the State Department’s Anti-Terrorist Assistance Program (ATAP) training foreign nationals in diplomatic/dignitary protection and team tactical responses. John later used his training, skills, and specialties as an independent contractor providing protection to diplomats/VIPs in the Middle East and South America. He was later employed as an instructor for the State Department of Diplomatic Protective Service programs as a contractor. Here he performed training for hundreds of candidates protecting U.S. Embassies in the Middle East. His specialties of instruction were: Vehicle Dynamics I, II, III, off road vehicle dynamics, room clearing tactics, firearms, defensive tactics, navigation, and specialized as a designated defensive marksman instructor. 

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Jimmy Creed- Master Instructor

Jimmy served in the United States Marines Corps from 1998-2002 as a Infantryman.  Since leaving the Marines Corps, Jimmy has received numerous shooting awards and earned multiple instructor ratings from the NRA.  He has been an active and sought after instructor since 2014.  In addition to his shooting accomplishments, Jimmy is an experienced martial artist and competitive shooter.


Instructor Crediantials:

NRA Pistol

NRA Riffle

NRA Home Firearm Safety

NRA Range Safety Officer

NRA Personal Protection in the Home

Professional Development:

Front Sight 2 Day Defensive Handgun

LMS Defensive Pistol 1

LMS Defensive Carbine 1

F2S Advanced Pistol - Advanced rating

F2S Advanced Carbine - Advanced rating

CTT Solutions Advanced Carbine

Aim Fast Hit Fast - Expert rating x3

Aim Fast Hit Small - Advanced Rating

Grey Group - South Narc - Extreme Close Quarter Concepts x5

Grey Group - South Narch - Armed Movement in Structures

Way of the Gun Performance Pistal - Frank Proctor

Immediate Action Ju Jitsu - Cecil Bunch x3

Combative Pistal 1 - Tom Givens


Expert Class, IDPA


Awards: F.A.S.T. Coin #006


For Private Lessons with Jimmy Creed - Click Here


For group lessons, learn more on our Training Page and find out when the next one is scheduled on the Event Page.


Have questions about training?  We'd love to speak with you.  E-mail us at Traning@CalibersUSA.com


Hear what customers have to say about their training experience with Calibers Shooters Sports Center:

Stanley H | September 6, 2015
"Excellent training and facilities."


Evan S | September 7, 2015
"It was a very good class. The instructor was great, very knowledgeable and kept it interesting. I highly recommend this class thanks again!"


Stanley H | September 6, 2015
"Excellent training and facilities."


Bruce B | September 6, 2015
"Daniel Hutson (aka, Runt) was an excellent instructor with in-depth knowledge of CCW laws, practical application thereof, and techniques. I feel much more comfortable and confident that I understand the rules and restrictions related to the concealed carry of firearms in NM. I also learned so much more about the proper handling of handguns, marksmanship and the proper drawing and firing procedures that I'm much less likely to endanger either myself or anyone else. The class was very worthwhile and thoroughly recommended for all handgun owners. thanks!"


Ronald G. | September 5, 2015
"Runt did a great job with the information he needed to pass on plus a few other stories to keep you interested in class. I think it would be helpful when you preregister on line for class if it was mentioned about pre registering for the electronic fingerprinting so you could get there earlier so that everyone doesn't have to wait for the computer to free up so you could register.Other than that everything was great, Thanks."


Daniel G. | September 4, 2015
"My wife and I took a private instruction class from Jimmy, a dedicated multifaceted instructor. He was incredibly knowledgeable, patient, and explained everything in a way that it all made sense. I look forward to receiving more instruction from this wealth of information in the future."


Habib C. | Dec 4, 2014
"I spent two years and three months in Pakistan, I must confess that training and practice at Calibers saved my life. Jimmy is a great trainer at Calibers although I only worked with him, there must be other great trainers there, as well."


Rick B. | November 27, 2013
My personal training session was awesome! After an hour of classroom time, I also received a fair amount of range time. Compared to using the city outdoor range, Calibers is a nice change.


January 23, 2012
Awesome place! I've taken firearms classes here and they were a ton of fun! The staff is really awesome, polite, and very friendly.


May 27, 2011
Great class, very useful for getting complete newbies on their feet. Getting to fire a variety of guns in the range was really useful.