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Here at Calibers, we strive to provide the best firearms training in the State of New Mexico.  With our expert instructors, we provide a wide variety of courses that will assist the novice or advanced firearm owners in developing the necessary tools and comfort to handle their new handgun, rifle, or shotgun. Our classes include introduction to firearms classes, kids camps, women only courses, defensive handgun and AR-15 techniques, plus many more. Sign up or learn more about any one of our courses that we offer below.
Questions about training? Email us at training@calibersusa.com Call us 505-797-9715 Ext 1002
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Concealed Carry
Concealed Carry
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Advanced Conceal Carry
Prerequesite course required. Email training for more information.


Defensive Handgun
Prerequesite course required. Email training for more information.


Private Training
Please contact our training department to schedule private lessons via email at training@calibersusa.com

Questions about training? Email us at training@calibersusa.com




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Our trainers have a passion for meeting new students, assessing your goals, and helping you achieve them! Their is a huge sense of satisfaction learning a new skill set that not only builds your confidence as a shooter, but could one day save your family’s life. Private Lessons are tailord to meet you, or your groups, skill level. Some examples are included below, but our trainers have more real word experience than just this. Foundational Lessons for Safety and Handling, Weapon Manipulation, Presentation and Draw, Malfunction Drills, Marksmanship Fundamentals Advanced Concepts like Shooting on the Move, MUC (Managing Unknown Contacts), Identifying Cues of Agressions, Multipule Target Engagement, Strong Hand, Weak Hand Shooting, Shooting in Unusual Positions, Low Light, No Light Shooting Practical, full contact training for Close Quarters Combat. Learn more about our world class instructors here.